So not to sound too preachy but can we all just start being humans again?

All we seem to be doing is rushing. Rushing to the next meeting, the next meal, the next event, the next stage we believe will make us happy and in between all that rushing, we are somehow forgetting to actually live the life we’ve been given. We (well, most of us anyway) are now officially extensions to the machines that surround us. So this New Year, how about we start working on becoming humans again. Maybe these contradicting tips can help us make it through:

01 Treat Yo Self:

For those of you who have seen Amy Poehler’s show, Parks and Recreation, you guys know what I’m talking about and for those who haven’t, you guys need to start ASAP! Treat Yo Self is an amazing notion, where you take out a day (once a month should be the goal) to treat yourself and basically enjoy your company! Wanna spend all day being pampered at the spa? TREAT YO SELF! Wanna buy that bag you can’t stop thinking about? TREAT YO SELF! Wanna spend all day binge watching your favourite shows while OD-ing on pizza and brownies? TREAT YO MOTHER F*CKING SELF! But…

02 Don’t Forget To Share The Love:

You know how we’ve been taught that success will make us happy. You have a good job, a big house, a cool car- you’ve got to be happy- turns out that’s just one big fat lie we’ve been force fed since we were kids just to keep us running on this ridiculous wheel of self-approval. Now I’m not saying to lose all ambition. In this world you need ambition to get ahead in life. But realise that getting ahead in life will not make you happy. You’ll be comfortable, sure, but true happiness only comes when you are able to share your success and your wealth. So while you’re working for yourself, also work for something you’re truly passionate about – whether it revolves around helping erase poverty or world hunger, animal rights, environment conservation – really anything that helps the greater good and in some mysterious way, your conscience.

03 Live a clean life:

One of the biggest changes I’ve made this past year is to focus on healthy and clean living and the affects have been amazing! Look to eating fresh produce and using organic products, drink loads of water (2-3 liters a day is my usual amount) and fit in a workout at least four days a week. The general focus should be to really be mindful of the food you’re eating and aware of its effects on your body and to have an active life, exercise doesn’t have to be boring- do things that you enjoy and it won’t feel like a task But…

04 Learn to be a master cheater:

Being healthy is all well and good, but sometimes you just really need to get a burger in your belly (treat yo self), so once in a while (I usually go all out on Sundays) indulge in your favourite meal and if you wanna lie on the couch while doing so, that’s perfectly fine as well.

05 Experience the new:

Get out and do new things. If you are able to travel, travel as much as you can. Learn new things, read books (something I’m trying to get into myself), watch films, listen to music, go to the theater, try new cuisines, meet new people- all the while learning something new from everyone and everything you encounter But…

06 Don’t forget to stay grounded:

As much as you should get out, always remember to have a home to come back to. Focus on the people (and pets) in your life and make time for them. It’s easy to take those around us for granted but as much as new things help us grow, it’s our true family and friends that help us be who we want.

07 Use the internet to be inspired:

Considering we spend so much time being ‘online’, we should really use the internet as a source of inspiration. Fashion, food, health, lifestyle, poetry, new business opportunities, there’s literally so much more to the internet that just uploading a picture and waiting for society to approve of it. But…

08 Don’t believe everything you see on social media:

A huge part of what you see online, mainly on social media, is not true. Please do not judge someone’s life based on one picture, there’s much more to the lives of people you follow online – positive and negative. For all those beautiful shots you see on social media, there are at least 10 other photos that didn’t make the cut. So just remember, before you wish you could have someone else’s life or even before you are judging someone based on what you see on their profile; real life is not made up of filters![/vc_column_text][/vc_column]