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Knows that my go-to hair stylist in Karachi is always Meher Najeeb, the owner and head stylist of Karachi’s favourite, Meher’s Salon. After 20 years in the industry, Meher has finally opened her second salon in Karachi; a three storey beauty and spa space, perfect for all beauty rituals.

The fact that they’re two Meher’s Salons in the city has obviously gotten me super excited since I don’t have to worry about being accommodated, considering that they’re pretty much always booked and in demand. Easier appointments isn’t the only reason though, here are a few other reasons why Meher Najeeb’s latest salon is amazing news for all beauty enthusiasts.

Hair Cuts

Considering the fact that Meher has been doing hair for the past twenty years is reason enough to know that she knows what she’s doing. With Meher, I’m always comfortable in knowing that she will only do what looks best on me. While she encourages customers to try new and daring trends, she always make sure that the eventual look is something that suits the individual, keeping in mind their hair texture, face shape and personality. Besides Meher, Tehmina, another senior stylist, has a huge client base and is known for her beautiful, face framing cuts.

Hair Styling and Colour:

Major hair changes has never been something I’ve ever indulged in since I just can’t deal with all that maintenance. Besides that, I am also petrified of it all going horribly wrong, especially hair colouring that can end up looking tacky if not done properly. Last year though, my sister got an ombre done by Meher and I have to say it completely changed my opinion on the subject (Not gonna lie, My sister looked aa-mazing)! I feel the secret to doing colour correctly is to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the subject and Meher has always been very educated and well versed in all her techniques.


Those who read this blog regularly probably also know that for my engagement I had my makeup done by senior stylist Iman Ali, who gave me a natural yet enhanced look. Stylists Iman, Mahin and Palwasha are all trained professional whose talents range from everything from a casual day event to bridals.


Beauty Rituals

Hair and Makeup isn’t the only thing the new salon is offering, Meher’s Salon offers a wide range of beauty treatments from facials to mani-pedis to the new Kerastase treatments, something I’m really looking forward to try out.


When I do go to a spa, I opt for places where the ambiance has especially been paid attention to. I don’t get many days off, so when I do I try and go to a spa where I can relax and have some time to myself. The new Meher’s Salon is perfect for this. It has a very different New York themed style going for it (done up by team Yoca) with a clean and calming atmosphere, loads of space, relaxed lighting and private rooms for facials and massages.


The new Meher’s Salon is definitely one of the more prettier salons to have opened up in the city. It’s a ¬†place you can spend the day and treat yourself. The stylists are qualified and their services are definitely top notch. ¬†All being said, I’m now gonna go give them a call and get an appointment for this week- maybe I’ll meet you guys there!

  • Meher’s Salon
  • Shahbaz branch (New): 57-C/1, Shahbaz, Lane 4, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi
  • 021-35243393, 021-35343384, 0321-3100222
  • Zamzama branch: 2nd Cimmercial Lane, Zamzama, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi
  • 021-35360861, 021-35360862, 0302-2336006