Mina Hasan has steadily become one of the go to designers in Pakistan

for formal and semi-formal pieces, with feminine and classic design elements. After succeeding in the clothing industry, she is now dabbling into home and lifestyle with the same old school charm that is so apparent in her clothes.

With her latest Festive collection now in stores, Style Haven got a chance to get in touch with Mina Hasan, to discuss what’s next for her brand. Here’s how it went;

Mina Hasan has largely grown into a household name. What would you say is the foundation of your brand and design aesthetics?

The foundation of our brand and our essential design ethos is that of style and elegance with a touch of femininity which helps our clientele define their sense of style. We want people to become aware of themselves and understand what suits them versus going for the mill-of-the-run trends! At Mina Hasan, we tend to focus on the individual and highlight their own grace and poise versus just making it about the outfit. This philosophy is the underlying mantle for the brand.

What has inspired you throughout your career?

There are multiple things that inspire me for collections or a specific outfit ranging from a book, to a unique monument, a rare location or the client themselves. Overall, however, my career has been inspired by firstly, my mother who was a legendary fashion icon—Noor Jehan—secondly, I think my passion to create not only clothes but a certain lifestyle of classic elegance for people has always driven me.

Who is the ‘Mina Hasan’ muse?

Every woman with confidence and personality.

Who has been your favourite model to work with and why?

When we choose our models we do it with a specific criterion in mind—we are quite selective because we want to make sure the model captures the look and essence of the collection/outfit. So far, all the models we have worked with have done that with great ease and made our clothes look the way we envision them to!

What has been one of your most rewarding moments since the development of your brand?

Opening our new flagship store in Karachi was a big step for us! It marked a great achievement since the brand’s inception. Collections and customized outfits are part and parcel of the everyday fashion industry but flagships add the experience needed to complement the clothes!

You recently also launched an interiors line named ‘Bracket’. Why did you decide to move into interiors and what can we expect to see next from this line?

We believe in a certain lifestyle aesthetic based on our design philosophy. As mentioned our end goal is to give our clients the complete deal—a whole lifestyle defined by refinement and fine taste. Clothing is only one aspect of this! So we decided to take our aesthetic and transform it into interiors and furniture as well. There are limited options in Pakistan and we want people to have the opportunity to access not only great clothing but also good furniture!

Your daughter Alisha has also recently joined your brand, what are both of your plans for the future?

On the fashion side, I handle the design and production elements and Alisha handles the marketing and business related tasks. With interiors, Alisha has a stronger hand because she has qualifications in that field. So together, we plan to make Mina Hasan a complete lifestyle brand—we have already begun the process.

In the short-term, we are launching our debut lawn collection this August 2015, followed by an embroidered chiffon collection. We will also continue building our bridal portfolio.

You have launched a new festive collection. How would you describe this collection in three words?

Sheer, Floral, Colorful.

What is your absolute favourite piece from this collection?

Personally, I love peaches. The sleeveless piece with delicate embroideries is probably top on the list!

In terms of design and style, what area will ‘Mina Hasan’ be exploring next?

We are exploring a lot of vintage styles at the moment. We are working on our lawn collection which has a more experimental color palette with baroque-inspired vintage designs paired with our traditional floral aesthetics. We will begin work on our embroideries and design work for the embroidered chiffon collection soon! You will be seeing a lot heading your way from Mina Hasan in the near future!

Here are a few shots from Mina Hasan’s Festive Collection, in stores now!

Mina Hasan (7)

Mina Hasan (9)

Mina Hasan (13)

Mina Hasan