Beauty is a state of mind! Seems simple enough to understand but if we really try to comprehend this statement, we find that though we may agree with it, we may not always follow it.
As women we are expected to be ‘beautiful’. Expected to be beautiful! Since there seems to be a ridiculous notion that ‘beautiful’ is a certain criteria. It’s a certain age. A certain size. A certain colour. And we are expected to follow those norms. According to a study*, 80% of women feel hesitant to share the way they look. How is that even acceptable? How is it that women feel that they have to fit in to a certain norm to be truly beautiful?
As a fashion blogger, I will always look for that one aspect that is different. Because for me beauty isn’t a norm. Beauty is being unique, it’s about being flawed and unapologetic. Beauty is being confident. Beauty is everything and anything that makes YOU happy.
Recently, I was invited to an event by Dove for the reveal of their short film, Dove: Patches that proves that beauty really is a state of mind. The film clearly shows how low self esteem effects our lives and relationships. The eye-opening documentary makes us realise that we are beautiful in our own individuality. We understand the importance of self acceptance and that at the end of the day what makes us beautiful is nothing but ourselves!

Dove: Patches from Dove Pakistan on Vimeo.

This video is part of Dove’s initiative to reach 15 million young lives with self-esteem programming by the end of 2015. They have successfully reached over 12 million to date.

*Social experiment conducted by Dove