This month, Guinot launched its newest facial rejuvenation machine, the Hydraderm Cellular Energy aka the Hydradermie in Karachi.

The one and a half hour treatment that ranges from between Rs. 10,000- 11,500 promises its clients fresher, glowing skin that helps balance your skin tone, lifts and tightens, while also providing nourishment and diminishing any puffiness on the face, through the means of rolling and oxygenation. The treatment is generally encouraged for women after the age of 30, however most people are turning to this treatment from the age of 25.

I got to try this treatment out recently and considering the Karachi heat and pollution, the Hydradermie facial was a God send.

Here’s how the whole treatment works;

  1. The first step is analysis, with the facial technician checking your skin to see what Guinot creams and gels will suit your face the best (they have a bunch of potions depending on your skin’s needs).
  2. Once your skin’s needs have been determined, the technician starts with a facial cleanse (and a second cleanse if necessary)
  3. Exfoliation and blackhead removal
  4. Facial toning
  5.  Once the basics are out of the way, the technician will begin using a ‘rolling’ apparatus to help penetrate the appropriate Guinot gels into your skin (these gels vary based on your needs with anything from pigmentation to aging skin) and drain your skin of any toxins that increase puffiness.
  6. If your skin is more mature (this step would be skipped otherwise), the technician will use the machine to lift and oxygenate your skin
  7. A facial massage will then be carried out to help penetrate all the creams and gels even further
  8. A skin preferred mask will be applied for about 20-30 minutes
  9. Finally, once the mask has been cleaned off everything will be locked in by either a moisturiser or sun screen.

After the facial I did see visible results, with my skin tone seeming more even and my face looking brighter and fresh all over plus it felt softer to touch.

Personally, I would go back for this treatment again, though maybe on alternate months and coupling it with a basic cleanse on the other months since I don’t think my skin needs anything too strong at the moment.

I would also definitely recommend others to try the Hydraderm facial out with of course the appropriate caution and research that goes into trying anything new for the first time.

Currently, this treatment is only available at the Peng’s Salon in Karachi. My treatment was carried out by this lady names Saniya who I found to be extremely well informed and professional with the entire procedure.