Last week I was invited to the launch of Magnum Pleasure Spot at Atrium Mall. This was the soft opening of Magnum’s latest venture, the first Magnum Bar in Karachi (those who’ve visited the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Lahore may have had the chance to experience the Magnum pop-up bar), where people can design their own personal Magnums complete with delicious coatings in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate and over 12 different kinds of toppings!

I’ve always loved Magnum (I would o.d on it while in university) and was super excited about the Magnum Pleasure Spot finally coming to Karachi. The event went really well (GolinHarris, Pakistan has been on a roll) and it was a fun night, as my friends and I got to spend some quality time over customised Magnums. I coated mine in white chocolate and added raisins, almonds and sprinkles. Suffice it to say it was delicious and I’d want to stick to this combo, but next time I think i’ll experiment with rock salt or chilli flakes for my toppings…

1Me and Ayesha Omar, who hosted the event.

2The grand reveal of the Magnum Pleasure Spot

3How I #MakeMyMagnum


The Magnum Pleasure Spot is now open to the public at Atrium Mall and expect to see a full scale Magnum store opening up in Karachi soon!