For my engagement, I wanted to go for something super light and girly. I actually have this weird fear of having some crazy, over the top makeup done on my wedding, where I won’t look like myself at all. Thankfully, Iman completely understood the look I wanted to go for and gave me exactly what I wanted. Iman did smokey but very light eyes (paired with false lashes) on me, with a coral lip and accentuated cheekbones (I love a good contour). For my  hair I went with a classic 60’s look, with volume at the crown and loose curls towards the end. The best thing about the whole experience was that Iman was very much open to my concerns and worked towards my preferences, which I think is super important, since we all have an image of what we’d want to look like on our big day and it’s comforting to have your make up artist bring that to reality.

In the end, I got to enjoy my day to the fullest. I was happy and relaxed and I don’t think I would have been able to achieve that without the help of my killer make up artist!

Check out my entire look below! 🙂

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I’m attaching a couple more pictures of Iman’s work below for you guys to check out. You can even get more information here

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