Dove recently sent me their new Hair Fall Rescue range to review. This is a two week treatment that claims to treat hair fall and strengthen roots. So each time I use one of the products, I’m going to try and update you guys!

Firstly, let me tell you guys a little bit about my hair (Warning: Today’s post may seem a bit self-obsessed). Typically, my hair is dry and I do feel that when I’m stressed or skipping out on meals my hair tend to fall. I also don’t spend much time styling my hair and prefer to leave them down naturally. That’s why it’s really important for me to keep my hair looking thick and healthy.

So I started the treatment with the Dove Hair Fall Rescue shampoo and conditioner. Usually I don’t use conditioners as much because I feel like they make my hair too heavy and flat. But I didn’t experience that at all this time. I am also, IN LOVE with the shampoo. I love how my hair gets after I use it. It just feels super healthy and voluminous.

I first used the shampoo and conditioner last Sunday and since then have used the shampoo every alternate day (I plan on using the conditioner only once a week). I can’t say whether my hair fall has decreased or not, since that’s something I can probably only decide after two weeks, after using all their products. But my hair definitely feels a lot healthier and less temperamental now! Also, best way you know something’s working is if you’ve been receiving compliments, which has definitely been happening!