The much awaited play, Baraf Paani, directed by Hamza Bangash and produced by Zoha Shakir in collaboration with Satrangi, was an absolute pleasure to watch. The venue, Fomma Art Centre at Zamzama Park, was completely transformed by the very talented Zoha Shakir into a vibrant and colorful venue which made it theperfect setting for the 50 minute play.

The story explored the life and choices made by the protagonists, Suhani (Amtul Baweja) and Hussain (Hadi Bin Arshad), who skillfully played 9 year olds, teenagers and 20 something’s, in the span of an hour.  Completely oblivious to societal rules, Suhani and Hussein fight with each other but are still the best of friends in their childhood and don’t let their parents constant reprimands bother them.  As teenagers too, they are together through thick and thin and prefer each other’s company over other friends.

However, it is fate that eventually forces them to adhere to conventional rules and brings an early end to teenage life.  Fast forward to the 20s, Suhani is ready for marriage and Hussain is an able man of 25 and the two still have that spark. But can that spark transform into something more or will circumstances force them apart again?

The play kept the audience rooting for Suhani and Hussein till the very end. With minimal props used and the set changes done by the actors themselves during dialogue delivery, it was quite commendable that the scene changes were very fluid. For anyone in the mood to watch a cute relatable love story on stage, make sure you go to watch Baraf Paani, which is playing till the 31st of May at Fomma Art Centre, Zamzama Park.

For more details check out Baraf Paani’s Facebook Page.

Reviewed and Written by Meshal Imtiaz