Around five days ago news broke of Robin William’s death and while I haven’t said anything about it since then, it seems that I am only now realising the impact Robin Williams had on making the world just a little bit better and how that is now gone. I’m not going to say that I was his biggest fan or that I had watched all his movies and followed him religiously, but I will say that I am deeply sad by his passing.
I’v been watching and re-watching a lot of his interviews and performances (sadly, we only appreciate that which is gone) and all Robin Williams seemed to do was make people laugh. He made people happy and let them forget about their worries, even if it was for just a few minutes. And in this world where we all seem to so desperately cling on to our happiness, we may have lost a large chunk of that this week.

This post isn’t meant to invoke any feeling of sadness, neither is this blog suddenly changing it’s course from what it’s actually meant to be. But for a man like Robin Williams, who made us all laugh many a times, I think I owe him this tribute, just as a way to thank him for introducing me to Mork, Peter Pan, Genie, Jack, Mrs. Doubtfire, Alan Parrish, Armand Goldman, Professor Philip Brainard, Sean Maguire, Patch Adams, Teddy Roosevelt and a hundred more amazing characters.

Robin Williams has given us enough material to keep us laughing for a lifetime and I hope, that in his heaven, he gets to meet all his characters and they get to spend their time just sitting around, cracking jokes and making each other laugh.



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