With wedding season underway, I  spoke to the multi-talented, international celebrity makeup artist, Anam Falak on the latest trends in bridal makeup and hair and asked her some essential tips that all brides should know. Here’s what she had to say:

Style Haven: How have trends in bridal hair and makeup changed since you first started?

Anam: I’d say right now it is all about flawless skin and out there lips! Plums, Fuchsias and Reds!

Style Haven: What is your favourite bridal hair trend?

Anam: I love volume! High hair looks great be in a beautiful intricate braid or bun but long high hair is definitely my favourite

Style Haven: What kind of hair and makeup do most brides who come to you ask for?

Anam: They know that my style of makeup is very classic with a hint of modern, so they ask for either my classic signature look on their Ruhksati with my signature red lips or my modern subtle on the Valima, where I try to play up the eyes with lots of shimmer and keep the lips lighter but with a beautiful gold tone complimenting the flawless, highlighted skin.

Style Haven: What kind of bridal hair and makeup do you find yourself most leaning towards?

Anam: My makeup is a mix of traditional and modern makeup of the west. I’ll do a very traditional eye but do a nude shimmery lip, or vice versa.

I am known for my flawless, glowy base! I make sure I stick to my client’s natural features rather than transforming her into someone else, which is typical of western makeup but not of traditional hence we tend to see alot of brides looking unrecognizable on their wedding day! I think it is a big faux pass as you want to look like yourself in your wedding photos!

Style Haven: According to you, what kind of makeup suits Pakistani brides the most?

Anam: Well blended out makeup that looks good and transforms an ordinary girl into a gorgeous glamazon. Not done in the typical manner but done so beautifully that you look at it and go like ‘how did she do that’.  I’m known for my eye makeup and I try to enhance my client’s eyes without changing their natural shape, mostly shimmery smoked out as that is my signature look!

Style Haven: What are your top 5 bridal makeup products?


  1. Laura Mercier Primer
  2. Josie Maran Argan oil moisturiser
  3. Cle de Peau Concealer
  4. Nars Blushes
  5. Waterproof Mascara

Style Haven: What’s the most important step in bridal makeup?

Anam: After prepping and priming the face, I’d say it’s applying False Eyelashes correctly! Never apply your false lashes all the way towards your inner eye corner as your tear ducts are present there and that area will constantly be wet causing them to come off from the inner corners. I like to apply Demi Lashes, which means cut halfway through and I start on the outer eye corner and end just a little more than halfway through! Also, use good quality glue such as Duo, to make sure your lashes last the entire time

Style Haven: How do you ensure your bride’s hair and makeup stays put for the whole night?

Anam: I use a makeup fixing spray in the end, usually its Urban Decay’s All-nighter.

Style Haven: One makeup/hair advice you’d like to give all our brides?

Anam: It is more a general advice, I’d tell them to get plenty of rest before their wedding, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and try to relax; even though I know exactly how nerve racking planning a wedding can be! Also, I make sure they get their facials and other bridal services done way in advance of their wedding as sometimes they can have allergic reactions to them and you don’t want to have a face full of rashes or pimples on your big day!

Check out some gorgeous looks done by Anam, below:



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