Anyone who followed this year’s Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week must have seen Zaheer Abbas’s amazing Primavera collection that caught the eye of pretty much all the fashion enthusiasts. The collection was definitely one of my favourites from that week as well.

Style Haven caught up wit Zaheer Abbas this week, to get to know more about the man behind the collection and what he’s planning next. Here’s what he had to say;

Your collection, ‘Primavera’ which was shown at TFPW15 was a fashion favorite. Where did you find inspiration for the line and who was your muse for the collection?

Primavera SS’15 was a luxury pret collection, which was inspired by an Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli’s masterpiece “Primavera” . I however, did not keep any one particular muse in mind while designing this collection, as it offered a variety of designs and silhouettes, both for the young and mature and audience

Primavera also seemed to showcase a different design aesthetic compared to your other creations. Do you think you continue to evolve as a designer?

As a designer its very important to evolve with time, I always try to do something different, while still keeping the essence alive. With this particular collection, which was also the celebration of our five years in the industry; we have managed to combine art & fashion together in a commercially acceptable manner. It did not only earn critical acclaim but also generated business beyond expectations.

Who is the Zaheer Abbas woman?

Simply elegant

What are the silhouettes and design elements you usually tend to lean towards?

We at ZA studio love drapes and the fall of fabrics, and we love mixing fabrics and textures together. The end product always look very effortless but the complexity of design lies in its detail.

For 2015, what looks are appealing to you?

2015 seems like a year of experimentation. We are also leaning towards a lot of botanical elements in our design whether its bridals, luxury, pret or prints.

You have also decided to move towards the development of a print based label. What encouraged you to move into this territory and what are you most looking forward to with this collection?

We are launching ‘PRINTOLOGY’ this Eid, which is solely a print based label on different fabrics. Printology will further be divided into ‘Printology Luxe’ & ‘Printology Men’. The main idea behind this label is to be experimental & bold, filling the gap of vibrancy with colours and digital art. 

What can your customers expect from your print line?

It’s a fun label with prints presenting themes and ideas and we believe that Printology will stand out in a crowd.  A lot of research has gone into one particular print, keeping the sync of colours, elements and proportions. The best thing is, it caters to every size & will also be available in different price ranges depending on fabrics. We have already seen the response on our first print designs with ‘Primavera’ and are hoping to turn this branched label into a separate company. 

Any other upcoming projects?

Yes! We are very excited to launch our E-store, in July. We are also working on our Eid collection, which is divided into Pret and Luxury Pret. From intricately hand crafted floral embroideries to beautifully executed machine embroideries, our Eid collection offers a wide range of designs and colours in compatible sizes. Simultaneously, we are also working on our bridal collection.

What is the most satisfying part of your job and what is the most stressful part?

The most satisfying part is definitely seeing a customer confidently rocking a Zaheer Abbas outfit and the most stressful is deadlines!

Which industry icon do you most enjoy working with?

I love working with Nabila; she’s a visionary.

How do you see the future of fashion in Pakistan?

Fashion in Pakistan is becoming very commercial which is good as far is business is concerned, however, the artistic side of fashion is somehow suffering. There are very few designers who are able to maintain the balance. Overall though, I’d say the future is bright and progressive.

How do you predict the future of ‘Zaheer Abbas’ in Pakistan. Any plans on going international

We’ve been in the industry for five years now and are growing as a company every year. The first half of 2015 has marked some major turnovers and with the launch of our E-store we will be easily approachable on both national & international levels. We are also already stocking in London, Manchester, USA, & Dubai and are targeting to stock in Canada this year.

If you were to collaborate with any brand or designer (Local or International), who would that be?


Check out some Zaheer Abbas designs below:

Primavera by Zaheer Abbas
Primavera by Zaheer Abbas
Primavera by Zaheer Abbas
Primavera by Zaheer Abbas
Primavera by Zaheer Abbas
Zaheer Abbas Eid Collection 2015
Zaheer Abbas Eid Collection 2015
Zaheer Abbas Eid Collection 2015
Zaheer Abbas Eid Collection 2015