For his 2018 Resort Collection, Karl Lagerfeld took Chanel to Greece (while still in Paris), complete with ruined pillars, a sandy runway, a mediterranean sunset as the backdrop and towering models, with glistening skin and an inverse cat-liner; good enough to give Aphrodite a run for her money

Though Karl looked to the past, his collection was ultimately new and refreshing, marked with a number of inspirational styling options ready to be imitated for the summer. So without further ado, here are a few styling details from the Chanel Resort 2018 Collection that we can’t wait to try out for ourselves;

THE ALICE BAND: Something we wore as kids to school, the Alice Band can be worn slightly pushed back to add a bit of sass to an otherwise ‘good girl’ accessory  and don’t forget to let those fly aways loose. Plain, braided or bejewelled; nothing is off-limits if this simple accessory is styled correctly.

THE LAYERED NECKLACES: For those of you who were sad about having to store away your chokers (present company included), you can still savour them a little while longer by layering them with other heavier/longer pieces. Be sure to experiment with different lengths and materials and go with what works for you.

THE MATCHING ARM CANDY: We’ve seen the matching bracelets/cuffs trend come and go, but in Pakistan we haven’t seen many people really embrace the trend as of yet. Well, Chanel’s giving you another chance- work this look using one or two matching pieces and a nice nude nail colour to amp up your summer style.

THE WIDE BELT: If there’s one accessory you should get your hands on this summer, it has to be the wide (almost corset like) belt. Looking past its magical ability to cinch your waist and give you that perfect hourglass figure, the wide (corset) belt is this year’s best styling trick present to amp up an otherwise plain outfit. While Chanel paired theirs on plain column dresses, for an everyday look try wearing them with one of your basic t shirts- your cool factor will instantly go up a!

THE GLADIATOR SANDAL: Gladiator sandals were all over the Chanel runway and look as good with a summer dress or basic jeans and t-shirt combo (just wear one with smaller straps) as it would on a grecian themed runway.

Bonus points if you opt for a pair of neon gladiators.

THE BUCKET BAG: For those of you who weren’t sure whether investing in a bucket bag was worth it; if one of the highest demanded accessories brand speckles their runway with a particular bag silhouette you can be sure that  the trend isn’t going anywhere. So go ahead and buy that bucket bag, they’re surprisingly spacious and as seen at Chanel, can be worn with a number of pieces.

THE COAT: We said it before and we’ll say it again, the lightweight summer coat is the one trend you need to adopt this summer!

THE TUCKED IN SLEEVE: This is probably the styling tip we’re most excited about, mainly because it barely goes noticed (the devil is in the details guys). Inversely tucking in your sleeves will instantly add that nonchalance to your outfit that all cool girls aspire to have, but very few can master. Go ahead and try it out now!