Some of you may not know this but I actually went to Malaysia for university and therefore lived there for around three years. Last month, I took a travel break and decided to go back to Kuala Lumpur for a while.

Malaysia is definately a place you all should visit, because I’ve always found it to have the perfect balance between the city bustle and an island calm. Going back, I went to all my favourite places and that relaxed vibe is still very much there. If you do choose to visit Malaysia in the near future here’s a few things you should definately do;

Like most of my conversations, I’m gonna start this one talking about food as well. Malaysian food is amazingg. It’s mostly spicy and fried, so not really the best if you’re on a diet but whoever diets on vacation right? I would suggest you guys try authentic Malaysia food from the mamaks just to really indulge in the Malay culture. Try the Nasi Goreng Ayam, which is fried rice with chicken (they place a fried egg on top of the rice as well, but you can opt to forego that- I never do). For more authentic Malaysian food visit the Food Street on Jalan Alor.

1 jalan alor
Jalan Alor (Source:

If you’re looking for more happening restaurants, definately go to Changkat Street and Bangsar. You guys should try  La Bodega Deli for Spanish food and gourmet burgers at The Daily Grind (make sure you also try their Banoffee Pie milkshake). And if you’re there with your significant other, you two should definitely have dinner at this Thai restaurant called Tamarind Hill.

la bodega
Paella at La Bodega Deli (Source:
daily grind
Gourmet burgers at The Daily Grind (source:
tamarind hill
Tamarind Hill (Source:

I love Middle Eastern food and make sure I always visit Al Ammar Express for lebanese snacks and Tarbush in Starhill Gallery Hotel for Arabic food. And if, like me, you guys love baked snacks, make sure you check out The Loft at Pavillion Mall which is a small little cafe that sells delicious Danoush (a doughnut-croissant hybrid)

Tarbush (Source:
Danoush at The Loft

And finally, you guys haveee to have Papa Roti, which is basically a light custard bun that you can have with coffee or Teh Tarik (Malaysian Tea). I would usually grab a Papa Roti bun at KLCC and sit by the KLCC gardens, which is actually a really peaceful place if you go further away from the cafes.

papa roti
klcc gardens 2
KLCC Gardens (Source:

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’ll find a lot of shopping options in KL. My favourite however is Pavilion Mall, which has pretty much all the best stores. And if you go towards their Couture Pavilion, you’ll have the option to shop from some of your favourite high fashion brands. Pavilion is also a pretty convenient spot since Star Hill Gallery is right across, where you can find Sephora for your beauty buys and more high fashion options and just down the street is the first H&M to open in KL.

Pavillion Mall (Source:

If you’re taking a trip with friends, you guys can enjoy some night life at Luna Bar or Sky Bar or chill out at Changkat

luna bar
Luna Bar (Source:

And if you’re looking for more touristy spots, you can always visit places like Genting Highlands or Batu Caves, or go to the Bird Park in KL or Orangutan spotting in Sabah. Also, if any of you are Formula1 fans, you guys should visit KL in March during the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.

batu caves
Batu Caves (Source:
Bird Park

Finally, the best thing about Malaysia has to be the islands. I generally prefer going to islands to take a break from basically everything and just spend my time swimming in the sea and having delicious sea food. If that sounds tempting to you, then you guys should go to either Redang Island or Perhentian Islands for the weekend to chill out and get  some diving and snorkeling done. The islands are absolutely beautiful and you’ll feel all your stress practically melt away here.

Redang Island (Source:

However, if you’re interested in the more commercial spots with more activities and sports then it’s better to opt for either Langkawi or Penang (be sure to check out the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang) which is more lively and happening.

Hard Rock Cafe, Penang (Source:

If you guys have been to KL, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what your favourite spots are! xx