For his Spring 2015 collection, Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway sans make up and since then it seems like the fashion world has fallen in love with keeping there skin practically bare, looking to just minor contouring to accentuate their features while keeping the majority of their beauty look to the minimal.

For most of us, weaning ourselves off our kajals or liners may seem impossible, but you’d be surprised how fresh you tend to look once you really get in to keeping your face bare. I for one, really love this new trend, not only does your skin look a whole lot better without the use of a hundred products but it’s a good change to the typical looks we might usually go for.

For some of you, going bare may seem like a scary thought, but I’d say give it a try; you’d be surprised how gorgeous you naturally are.




Here are some tips you could use to help you carry off this look:

  1. Bold Brows:Be sure to keep your brows groomed and on the thicker side, with a slight arch. These look striking against bare skin and really help frame your face.

 Tip: If your eyebrows aren’t naturally dark/thick, use a nice brow kit to help fill in your eyebrows (using a shade slightly lighter than your eyebrows will give them a more natural look).


  1. Keep your skin healthy enough that it glows:By keeping your skin mostly bare, you will notice a huge change to your skin’s health. Opt for healthier food options and load up on the fruits and veggies to get you glowing from the inside. Of course, keeping your self regularly hydrated is a must and will majorly help to even out your skin tone. Monthly facials also tend to do wonders to your skin (make sure you go to a specialized, hygienic salon and only choose treatments that you know will suit your skin. If you’re a newbie, It’s always smarter to start with basic treatments, so that your skin can get used to them).
    Beauty Tip: To fake a glow, try using a subtle highlighter on areas that capture the light on your face (above your cheekbone, under and above your brow bone, your chin and the center of your cupids bow)5

    1. Contour:Just like you should highlight the light capturing areas on your face, contouring the darker areas will help accentuate your features. However, make sure you don’t go too overboard with your bronzer (especially no shimmer), this look is all about subtlety.6
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